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Eric Brittan is a Canadian painter and mixed media artist

I was born in Hamilton, Ontario into a family of entrepreneurs. My parents ran various businesses, but my father was also an amateur artist who gave me my first lessons in drawing. I went to art school in England, and after returning to Canada, taught at Sheridan College for over 20 years.

I enjoy making things. This includes paintings, sculptures, fixing cars, home building projects, and in general, working with my hands.

For me, painting is an exploration of what lies behind the surface of things. I am fascinated with light, shadow, stillness, and the geometry of perspective.

I divide my time between Hamilton and a small village in Mexico, where I share an art studio with my wife and fellow artist, Cora Brittan. Explore more of our work and collaborations here.

Recent Exhibitions 

2022 - The Bigger Picture: Art in Hamilton 1950-2000 (Art Gallery of Hamilton)

2022 - Ternion Wonders (Earls Court Gallery)

2020 - In the Space Between (Carnegie Gallery)

2018 - Flourish (Earls Court Gallery)

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